gay 4 everyone tbh.

yes hello, georg is the name.

taylor lautner is important.

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When was it common knowledge that he was practicing abstinence? I didn’t know it was a thing..

Exactly, it’s never been confirmed he doesn’t wanna have sex before marriage. If you ask me, he needs to get laid every 3 hours…

Anonymous said:
Do you know if Taylor still practices abstinence?


Anonymous said:
What do u think about Cameron Dallas?

he’s fucking hot but a total douchebag, sexist and homophobic. ergo, a disgusting human being.

Anonymous said:
You should post another selfie!! :D

k why not?! :)

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Anonymous said:
Love Tay's messy hair lately, he looks so handsome!

Well, he cut it a bit again… I love his hair a bit longer though (It was perfect when he was filming Tracers for example!) but as soon as I am like “I like his hair now” he whips out a pair of scissors! >__< Plus, now he has even SHAVED. HIS FACE. I may have shed a tear or two… :D