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     Taylor Lautner      Photoshoots 2014

[Conan talking about meeting Taylor at the Pre-Emmy party 2011] — “It was a fun night! I remember you actually hitting me! You wanted to see what I had going on here! So you started punching me pretty hard! — Yeah, I was comparing! Can I actually…

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     sEX HAIR!!! :3      Taylor Lautner      Candids 2014

Taylor’s personal assistant is such a hottie u g h

I’d let him assist me anytime if you know what I mean…

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Q: Hi, um, I havent been on this blog for a while, but when i logged in and saw you on my dash i remembered how your blog was one of the first i followed here on tumblr, and how you taught me how to be a fangirl, and you introduced me to my first tv-show (teen wolf) and I will always love you and your blog(and twitter) for doing so, thank you! <3

OH MY GOD ARE YOU FOR REAL? thanks!!! ♥ That’s so sweet!

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Q: Do you know for how long taylor is going to be in the uk?

Well, Cuckoo’s 2nd season will have around 6 episodes so I am guessing a month? Two tops? He’ll definitely be back later this year to promote it though. omg he just has to go to Alan Carr’s show, it’d be HILARIOUS! :’D

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