gay 4 everyone tbh.

yes hello, georg is the name.

taylor lautner is important.

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Anonymous said:
Do you know where the audio is for Taylor's Boogie Nights reading?

I am afraid our ears will never be grazed with Taylor moaning and cussing and asking where to cum (YEP he did say these words) cause no cameras or mobile phones were allowed during the live read. (╯︵╰,) So I guess we’ll have to wait for Taylor to star in an R rated movie but hey, it’s a start :)

I keep following and unfollowing you because I feel sad everytime a picture of Taylor comes on my dash and I realize I will never be his wife. it's sad really.. still, I can't help to be here everyday 'cause I love your blog SO BAD

Wait, I know what this is! We basically have the same problem! We have a love/hate relationship with Taylor! On the one hand you love his gorgeous face but on the other you wanna punch it too and just wish he’d sTOP! Yep… I feel ya! (and thanks, love!)

“[Jacob] had been serious, stressed, emotional. His life was pretty complicated, so it was nice that the weight was lifted off of his shoulders. He’s happier this time. He’s making jokes, he’s in a great mood all the time. I’m like that too, so it was like I put more of myself in Jacob.”
➤ Taylor Lautner on how Jacob has changed and what we can expect from him in Breaking Dawn Part Two (x)
How did you like Taylor’s outfit at the MTV Movie Awards 2012? :)

Personally, I loved it! The blue fits his complexion perfectly and he was once again teasing us all with a v-neck, showing off his chest hair! UNF! Plus, he looked tan and scruffy and healthy! :) A+